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Our Services

Bonilla Paving offers Installation, Maintenance and Restoration Services for asphalt and concrete in Central Texas. We have crews working with large contracts and we also have a residential customers' crew. So, if you are in the area, and need support with a concrete or asphalt project, we would love to make it happen for you. Give us a call at (512)786-0564

  • Asphalt Repairs & Resurfacing

  • Asphalt Sealcoating

  • Concrete Pavement, Sidewalks & Curbing

  • Parking Lot Striping

  • Full- Service Parking Lot Maintenance

  • ADA Parking Lot Compliance


Service Area

We are based off of Dale, Texas, which is really close to the Austin Metro Area, and we service most urban and rural customers within the area. We have gathered a list of cities close to some of our customers and we would be delighted to chat with you if you need a concrete or asphalt installation, repair, upgrade or restoration. 

Dale, Lockhart, Seawillow, McMahan, Pettytown, Bateman, Red Rock, Rockne, St. John's Colony Lytton Springs,, Mendoza, St. Mary's Colony, Cedar Creek, Bastrop, Clearview, Upton, Jordan, Rosanky, Togo, Upton, Smithvulle, Colorado, Kirtley, Alumn Creek, Camp Swift, Circle D-KC, Sayersville, Wyldwood, Garield, Webberbille, Hornsby Bend, Del Valle, Piloy Knob, Colton, Creedmoor, Elroy, Mustang Ridge, Niederwald, Austin, Bluff Springs, Manchaca, Buda, Hays, Mountain City, Uhland

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Free Estimates

We will send our experts to assess your needs and provide guidance for your project. 

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